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Club Run Pictures

  • Our Wedding

  • Phoenix Fest 2

  • Bitch'n Hitch'n

    Our Wedding

    On June 26,1999 Holly and I were married. It turned out to be a clean and sober biker event. Phoenix M.C. was there on a national level, as well a a number of clean and sober independent riders. Also represented were the Sons of God M.C., We were married by one of them that is a real pastor. My dad bagpiped me to the ceremony and played the wedding march for Holly as she came down the walk. We were married at our home on the Cape Fear River. After the ceremony there was plenty of pig to be eaten while our guest listen to Elden Stover and friends play some killer bluegass music. The Club had camped out about a mile from our house and they went on arun to a historic native American musuem. They were treated to some southern cuisine, country ham and grits etc... All and all I think everybody had a good time.

    Phoenix Fest 2

    Phoenix Fest 2 was held in Boston Mass. in the sumer of 1991. It was a Phoenix M.C. National Fun Run. The Recovery Community was was invited to the event and all seemed to have a good time. The Camp had cabins for individuals to stay in and there was also a few larger lodges to dine,dance and have recovery meetings in . There was a number of things you could do for your enterainment ie... Biker Rodeo, Tatoo Parlor, Swap meet parts cabin, dance(with live recovery band) and tours of the Boston area with the pack. We had a benefit pie thowing contest for the Mad Man Jack Memorial Fund. All said it was a well put together event. Below are pictures of the run , it may take them a little while to load so please be patient.

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    Phoenix held a fun run in Charleston S.C. in 1989 called Bitch'n-Hitch'n cause it was to observe the wedding of one of our members. Besides the outdoor wedding there was several runs around charleston ie..the harley shop, the waterfront where the civil war memorial is and so on. We also had a dance that the recovery community was invited to. We had fun at the camp ground watching the prospects climb trees to retrieve spanish moss, all and all another good run.

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