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The Road Trip From Hell 2

It all started with good intentions. You see I had made this trip before and I had rode the bike the whole way in the rain( that was the Road Trip from Hell 1) So this time I thought I would ride up in the van and tow the bikes on a home made trailor my dad had built. We were going to Phoenix Fest 2. This meant we were going to be traveling from Raleigh, N.C. to Boston,Mass.. This time we would be riding up in the confort of my van though. As you can see in the

picture I'm pretty proud of the trailor. So The Flash and I head out for Boston. We had'nt even gotten out of Raleigh good when pieces started falling off of my home made trailor. We got up around Fredricksburg, Va. and the front wheel berring on the van went out. So we unloaded a bike and went to get a wrecker. Actually we had just left a muffler shop where they welded on the trailor a little. So the Flash comes back with a wrecker and we tow the van to a truck place and they are going to replace the wheel berring. They find out the rotor is shot also. They don't have one in Fredricksburg. So we have to wait while one is deliverd. Meantime I ask the guy if he could weld on the trailor some because it has started falling apart.

Well we wind up spending most of the day their and all of my money and a good amount of theFlash's. We leave and we're all happy again cause we're on our way to the run. We get up the road a little further and I notice the ass end of the trailor seems to be lower than it was when we started. I start trying to think of other Phoenix Bros. I can drop the trailor off with and us just ride the bikes. I tried to call several but they had already left on the run. I kept picturing those cars you see on the side of the road, in N.Y. that nothing is left but the steering wheel.The Flash kept telling me that metaphysical stuff like think positive. I said I am . I'm positive that if we don't do something we are going to be broke down on the side of the road in New York City and we're going to have to choose between loseing the van or my bike cause I can't drive both. Well in Philladelphia it did. I looked back there and there was sparks coming from the back of the trailor. We pulled off of the 10 lane high-way. and I could'nt even get out cause there was a guard rail so close to the van that you could'nt even open the door. The Flash was driving and he could'nt get out for the traffic. As soon as we did get out a cop and a wrecker pulled up. I was standing there looking at the back of the trailor, scacthing my head cause I did'nt know what to do(the ass end of the trailor was breaking off from the axil back) When the Wrecker guy noticed that the axil was about broke into also. They said well you need to get it off the highway and that there was a place down there that might be able to fix it monday( it was friday). So we got back on the 10 lane highway and got off at the first exit. I've never seen harlem N.Y., and I know we we're in Philly,but this place looked like I had allways invisioned Harlem to be like. We pulled up on a corner, Decided to ditch the home made trailor, put one bike in the van and ride the other. When we left because we were taking the van we took stuff we normally would'nt ie... guitars ,suit cases etc.. We noticed there were these guys in the cars that go up and down that kept coming by checking us out. Afew minutes later here they would come again. The Flash and I had to take everything out of the van including the seats to make room for his bike, then the two of us had to lift it into the van by ourselves. We finally did it and then we put the other stuff back in around the bike,The flash got a pic of me pissing on the trailor

before we left it there. We got back on the highway, I was riding my bike now with the flash driving the van,and it started to rain. So far it had'nt rained a drop untill I had to ride. Well we went on up and we finally got to the run( it rain buckets the rest of the way) and the club was having a recovery meeting. I shared that I was glad to be there and I was going to put all of that stuff from the road behind me and I was going to have a good time. After the meeting a guy said " I"m going to ride to the store anyone want to go ?" I said sure . I got to the store and I was'nt even anywhere around the bike and it was cut off and it started trying to crank by itself I could'nt cut it off cause the switch was allready off. I wound up nearly burning up the starter before someone got to a wrench to get the hot wire off. Then we fixed it and I, like a dumbass, tightend the bolt to much and broke it off in thew starter. We had to send someone back to the camp for a truck to load it into. We took it to the Harley dealership the next day and the guy said he would callthe camp when it was ready. When he called I asked the flash to take me in the van to pick it up. The van would'nt start cause the distribueter cap was wet from all the rain. the trip back was not quite as bad but by the time we got to richmond The Flash and I were about to kill each other. just kidding.

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