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Meet The Original Dude

Howdy: you have reached the home in cyberspace of the Dude . My site caters to those who wish to ride their motorcycles clean and sober. I myself strugled for many years with an addiction to drugs and alcohol that was killing me . I tried many times to stop on my own ,but I just got worse and worse. until one day I found hope in a 12 step recovery progam. At first I thougth that I was doomed to never have any fun again, I thougth I would surely have to give up riding my motorcycle. Since then I have learned that fun is a gift. It is not something I can take or drink. I found others like myself who rode motorcycles and they didn't drink or do drugs either. Today I am proud to be a member of the PHOENIX Motorcycle Club, A clean and sober motorcycle club. If any of these things interest you please feel free to check out my site.

Meet the original dude


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