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Fallen But Not Forgotten

  • Douglass Wayne Honeycutt a.k.a."Duck"

  • Archie Ray Johnson

  • Annie

  • Kyote

    Douglass Wayne Honeycutt

    Douglas Wayne Honeycutt A.K.A. Duck,because when he first would wakeup he often talked jiberish sounding much like a duck quacking, was born on august 22nd, 1955. He died of liver failure,after 14 years clean and sober,on febuary 7th 2002. Doug helped me do alot of things. He helped me build my house. He helped me rebuild my bike. He helped me get clean after I had relapsed. He started prospecting for Phoenix however either he would be sick and could not make the meeting or he would have to work to make up for lost time when he was sick. He was a true friend.A couple of things that we believed in were, there was nothing we could not do if we set our minds to it and If you messed with me or mine we would mess with you.We had alot of laughs. I will sure miss him. I told him on his death bed my life is better from having him in it. Rest in peace brother.

    Archie Ray Johnson

    He Was my best friend. His name was Archie. He was killed one night in a drinking related accident, he was'nt even the one driving.He had just bought a sportster and his big dream was that one day we would be riding togeather. You see both of us had lost our license. When I came into recovery they said "wellcome home the war is over" . So today when I think of Archie I realize that he was one of the casulties of that war .

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    Annie was the first female biker I knew she rode a harley and had about 14 years clean when she died from aides, She like many others had gotten the disease before she got into rehab. she devoted her later years to working at a treatment house . I didn't know her as well as I wish I had of , but I think I will always remember her.

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    Kyote was one of my club brothers . He was a long time member of the Charlotte, N.C. chapter of Phoenix. Kyote got the virus before he got into recovery for his addiction,as do many people. He died with about 14 years clean.reat in peace brother.(Kyote is the one in the leather hat)

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